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Home 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Locksmith Service : New Innovations in Locksmithing!

Locksmith Service : New Innovations in Locksmithing!

Locksmith Service : New Innovations In Locksmithing!

  • Locksmith Service : New Innovations In Locksmithing!
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Locksmith Service

Locksmith Service - Locksmith Service : New Innovations In Locksmithing!

Garage door openers and home security systems are impressive, but technology is beginning to take it a step further. While everyone and their mother seems to have a smartphone, most people still manually lock and unlock their front doors or use one of two or three garage door opening fobs.

Some companies have been advertising the ability to control electronics, security systems, water, and locks with the push of a button on their phone, and that technology is being researched and invested in by companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung with projects like HomeKit (Apple), Nest (Google) and SmartThings (Samsung) with the abilities to turn on lights or lock doors and even change thermostats through Wi-Fi connected thermostats (Nest).

Assa Abloy (Est. 1881. Sweden) will begin offering mobile keys for businesses soon, allowing for the replacement of things like hotel keys and card keys through the use of temporary codes sent to, and used by, mobile phones. There is trouble in the decisions of who can access phones and who gets paid from these services, since both the phone companies and locksmiths feel they should receive the profits.

The concept is fairly sound: electronic entry isn’t new (think cars), but the idea of using a mobile phone is still new, and to some it’s scary. Codes can be given to friends if they’re house sitting or you left something at home (or if you just don’t want to answer the door) and losing the hard copy of your key isn’t the end of the world and can be replaced at the leisure of the homeowner. However, there are pros and cons to this concept as a whole.


  • Fewer keys on your keychain means harder to lose, and less stress on your car’s starter.
  • Anyone with a smartphone is likely to have it with them at all times, with a charger in the car or an extra battery.
  • Everyone loves applications, and a monthly fee (or one-time installation fee for the app) could be a small price to pay for easy keyless entry.
  • No need to spend money on spares for friends or family.
  • Codes will expire (and it’s likely you can force them to expire at any time) so friends/family can’t come in at any hour of the day.
  • Could create customer loyalty for locksmith companies who offer this service.
  • Locksmith jobs could become easier once technicians are fully trained with the new equipment, depending on the problems involved.Locksmith Service : New Innovations In Locksmithing!


  • Everyone’s concerned about the “Cloud” and how it can be very easy for someone to break into your account and steal anything your phone has. This can lead to security issues.
  • If your phone isn’t properly locked or password protected and someone knows you have this feature, they can steal your phone and access everything in your home or vehicle and it will not look like a breaking-and-entering case.
  • Lost phones, dead batteries, and stolen phones can be worse than simply losing a key.
  • Increased skills locksmiths must have, and a likely need for the same company to return for every needed visit—possibly raising prices unfairly due to decreased competition.
  • The application needed to lock and unlock doors is unlikely to be free, same with the installation and maintenance of the lock system. In the end, it’ll be much more expensive than a normal lock and deadbolt, plus the occasional locksmith call when keys are lost.

Overall, this concept will need some work and polishing before it becomes the norm, or even noticeably popular. But technology is amazing and no matter what technology comes along, locksmiths will be here for all of your lock needs. Call us at Anytime Locksmith for your home rekeying and lock out needs while we all wait for keyless phone-based entry.

Locksmith Service just call AnyTime LockSmith Tucson 520-409-3940 now.

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  • Locksmith Service : New Innovations In Locksmithing!
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Locksmith Service : New Innovations In Locksmithing!
Locksmith Service : New Innovations In Locksmithing!
Locksmith Service : New Innovations In Locksmithing!
Locksmith Service : New Innovations In Locksmithing!

Locksmith Service : New Innovations In Locksmithing!

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