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Home 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!

Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!

Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!

  • Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!
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Locksmith Service

Having security systems or a myriad of locks and keys is a way to keep your home safe (when used correctly) but there are other ways to deter thieves from entering your home.

  • If you’re not home for long periods it may be wise to ask neighbors to keep an eye out for mail and coupons being sent to your home. If a potential thief sees you have a package on your doorstep or that your mailbox has been full for days they may realize you aren’t home and try to break in (with no interruption from homeowners).
  • As much as we want to trust those we bring into our homes to provide paid services not all of them are honest. Some may find ways to inspect your house for security flaws or find ways to prevent doors or windows from locking completely. Once a stranger has left your home inspect doors and windows to ensure they have not been tampered with. Also, keep a close eye on contractors and service workers if possible.
  • Some burglars will scope out a home by placing coupons or other paper around doorknobs or near doors. If they see no one has collected the papers it’s safe to assume no one is home. This can be especially effective if wearing some sort of uniform for the advertised location.
  • You can’t always trust the water or power company. It would not be difficult for someone to obtain of fabricate a convincing uniform and convince a homeowner they are there to check meters. Most people don’t know what exactly workers are checking the meters for or they don’t keep an eye on the “employee.” Not only are they shown how to get into back yard or the side of the house (closer to doors which may not always be locked) but they may have time to scope out if you have an alarm system, dog, or other security measures.
  • Large windows and glass doors are beautiful and fairly functional but without proper curtains or other methods of concealing the contents of your home from the outside world thieves can easily see if anyone’s inside, if lights are on, and often times if you have a security system installed or activated. Make sure windows and doors are all closed when leaving and ensure curtains are drawn when no one is home.
  • Keeping lights on when no one is home can be beneficial. This is not to say you should leave your entire home light up 24/7, but if someone notices your lights have been off all day and night they Locksmith Service - Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!may come to the conclusion that no one is home. Porch lights tell potential robbers that someone is expected to be home after dark (which can be helpful or detrimental) but a light in the kitchen or living room implies someone is home and awake.
  • Cameras and motion sensors are expensive but they can prevent you from losing half of your belongings to a robber. Even fake alarm systems and cameras can discourage people from attempting to break in because they are less likely to risk getting caught by something which directly alerts authorities. Drug addicts are the most likely to abandon a robbery if they feel a camera or alarm system is in place.
  • Dogs can provide great protection. Robbing a home with a dog can cause a multitude or problems including bodily damage and alerting homeowners or neighbors to the problem. This is why some people place “BEWARE OF DOG” signs in their yards whether or not they own a dog. Some small dogs can be just as threatening as large dogs and no one wants to be bit by any canine companion protecting his home.
  • If someone sees you place a spare key somewhere on your property it is just asking for them to break in without having to work hard to do so.
  • Even if you’re in a rush, try to ensure all doors and windows are closed, locked, and secure. Being a couple minutes late to work is worth not coming home to a house removed of all posessions.
  • Avoid posting when you’re leaving home and coming back on social media. It’s possible for strangers to figure out your name based on information from neighbors, mail, and car information and comparing it to images and posts on social media. If you need to tell people you won’t be home, tell them directly (through email, phone, text, or direct messages on social media) instead of posting a mass-message to the entire internet. Feel free to post your pictures when you get home so.

This list is not to convince you that everyone is trying to rob you, but it’s to help you become aware of ways someone can rob you blind.

Burglars are often well practiced and can clear out a home quickly. Keeping locks up to date and functioning is the first step. When rekeying a home or when requesting any other locksmith service it never hurts to talk to the locksmith about other doors, windows, and entrances to see what they suggest to increased security. Always make sure the locksmiths are certified and qualified to prevent a scam company from having easy access to your home and loved ones by doing your research and getting the best service in town with Anytime Locksmith.

Locksmith Service just call AnyTime LockSmith Tucson 520-409-3940 now.

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  • Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!
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Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!
Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!
Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!
Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!

Locksmith Service : How To Prevent Burglaries!

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