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Locksmith Service Hints, Tips, and Secrets

  • Locksmith Service Hints, Tips, And Secrets
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Locksmith Service Hints, Tips, and Secrets

There are things locksmiths may not tell you, but a little research or a few questions asked to your local locksmith service might yield some interesting results.Locksmith Service - Locksmith Service Hints, Tips, And Secrets


  • Contractors don’t always install deadbolt locks correctly. A well-installed deadbolt will have a one-inch throw, and the strike side should feature a security plate with screws that go three inches into the door frame for maximum functionality and stability.
  • Doors at arm’s reach of windows are dangerous. If someone wants to get in your house bad enough, a window near the door will gain them access. All they would have to do is knock out the glass and reach through to the door. A double cylinder lock (one which needs a key to lock from the inside or outside) can help this, but the window would still be broken and if they did enough damage to the window they could still gain access.


  • When purchasing a home, have the home rekeyed so real estate agents or previous owners (or those with keys from the previous owner) can’t break-and-enter. Anytime Locksmith offers this service with maximum professionalism and competitive prices.
  • Just because a key has “DO NOT DUPLICATE” printed or stamped on it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been duplicated. It’s not legally binding and some locksmiths or key duplication processes won’t say or do anything about it if they receive such a key to copy.
  • If you have a housekeeper, maid, nanny, babysitter, or any other person who has access to your home for some service, be wary about giving them a key. If possible, use a master key which works for the deadbolt and basic lock and only give the employee a key that works for the door knob (not dead bolt), this allows you to control when the person can enter by simply utilizing the deadbolt if you do not wish them to come.

Locksmith Service Hints, Tips, And SecretsWhen Calling A Locksmith:

  • Being a repeat customers in a short time isn’t a big deal. It may be embarrassing to you, but locksmiths won’t judge you and it’s no inconvenience to them. Things happen and sometimes you’ll just have a bad couple-of-days and need repeated service. That is why you should always be polite to your local locksmiths to continue getting the best service.
  • Don’t call multiple locksmiths for one job. It’s rude to ask two or more services which arrive at the same time for the same job to decide who gets the work. It’s also a waste of time for those who don’t end up with the job. Be considerate and only call one—you can always get quotes over the phone from reputable locksmiths.
  • Never assume it’s an easy, cheap, or difficult job. The locksmith service will be able to determine what needs to be done and will quote you accordingly before doing the work. If you tell us it should be an easy job, it doesn’t change what we’ll do or how fast we’ll do it. There’s a reason you called a locksmith, things can be harder than they seem.
  • Always exhaust all options before calling the locksmith. Sometimes people get frustrated early and realize they have a spare key somewhere, find keys in a purse, pocket, jacket, or other accessible location, and sometimes the door (or a door nearby) is actually unlocked. It never hurts to calm down and double check so you don’t get charged for the locksmith showing up and realizing the door is, in fact, open.
  • If your key seems stuck and won’t turn, try some WD-40 before calling for a rekey. Locks can break or malfunction, but a little troubleshooting won’t hurt.

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  • Locksmith Service Hints, Tips, And Secrets
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Locksmith Service Hints, Tips, And Secrets
Locksmith Service Hints, Tips, And Secrets
Locksmith Service Hints, Tips, And Secrets

Locksmith Service Hints, Tips, And Secrets

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