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Locksmith Service For Halloween Safety Tips

  • Locksmith Service For Halloween Safety Tips
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Locksmith Service - Locksmith Service For Halloween Safety TipsLocksmith Service For Halloween Safety Tips

Children are twice as likely to be involved in a motor vehicle related accident on Halloween, and household pets are more likely to run away on Halloween or the 4th of July. Read more for some tips related to doors, windows, and locks to keep your children and fur-babies safe this Halloween.

  1. Keep doors completely closed between visitors. With so much going on, children or pets are likely to decide to go outside to check out what’s going on. Noise and excitement may also scare your pets (or possibly children) and cause them to panic and run out of any open door or window.
  2. Make sure all locks are functioning properly. Children who can reach door knobs may be likely to open the door—possibly in an attempt to understand why people keep coming to the door—so utilizing locks they can’t work may be beneficial if the children are left somewhat unsupervised. If a lock isn’t working properly, children or pets may be able to open the door and escape.
  3. Be wary of robbers. Someone may use the fun of costumes and the dark of night to try to rob your home. They may take advantage of those few moments you have a door open and they can see into your home. They may be able to see if you have an alarm, a dog, or even what type of locks you use and come back at a later date. Someone may also try to ask to use your restroom—allow this with extreme caution.
  4. Consider using a safe. Weather poof safes are useful year round. Talk to your local locksmiths about installing one and keep additional valuables in it (keys, phones, wallets) for instances of haunted houses or extended trick-or-treater visits.
  5. Keep pets safe in a garage or comfortable room. If your home has a doggy door to the back yard, it may be wise to secure this or at least ensure any fenced in area is free of holes and the locks are functioning. However, dogs dig so be very wary. It is best to keep pets (especially black cats or dogs) inside and secure where you can check on them and reassure them. Child gates can also be used (for children and pets) to reduce the risk of them rushing towards the door when it opens.
  6. Be careful keeping lights off. Many homes turn their lights off if they are not home or if they have no candy to pass out. This may be a warning sign to potential robbers. Consider not putting out decorations or speaking to the community about which lights mean “no one’s home” and which ones mean “no visitors.”
  7. Park cars in garages if possible. Some people like to be destructive on Halloween. No further explanation needed.

For more general safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe in all of your Halloween adventures, read here and enjoy your spooky festivities.

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  • Locksmith Service For Halloween Safety Tips
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Locksmith Service For Halloween Safety Tips
Locksmith Service For Halloween Safety Tips
Locksmith Service For Halloween Safety Tips

Locksmith Service For Halloween Safety Tips

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